Tamar Vets are pleased to announce the introduction of our Pet Health Club.
This scheme is specifically designed to help provide essential routine preventative veterinary care throughout the year at an affordable and substantially discounted rate.
It also enables you to spread the cost of this comprehensive service over twelve regular budget monthly instalments.
The Pet Health Club includes the following:
• Annual Vaccinations
• Worming medication
(as recommended by the BSAVA for the protection of both
your pet and your family throughout the year)
All year round Flea, Mite or Tick control

The Benefits of being a member of the Pet Health Club

Ensuring the best possible Healthcare for your Pet:
• When you sign up to the scheme you will be provided with
a comprehensive programme of vaccinations and anti-parasite
products.With regular reminders for vaccines and when to apply and collect flea/worm products, you should be more able to ensure that your pets receive the best possible preventative healthcare at the appropriate intervals to better maintain their basic wellbeing.
Saving Money!!
• Members will save money, with more than 10% discounts off the cost of vaccinations and worming/flea products.
• Members will benefit from further discounts on a range of other preventative healthcare products (elective dental procedures /additional vaccines/additional parasite control/ blood pressure monitoring/routine blood screening).
Spreading the Costs
• It allows members to break up the cost of this comprehensive preventative healthcare programme into 12 monthly payments, making it easier for you to budget for your pet’s healthcare and making it more affordable.

In addition, signing up for the
Health Club entitles you to the following offers:
10% off cost of Routine/Elective Neutering,
10% off Microchips,
10% off Elective Dental treatments and Dental products, 20% off additional Vaccinations (Kennel Cough, Rabies), 10% off additional parasite control products,
10% off routine Blood Pressure monitoring,
10% off routine Blood Screening/Urine analysis and
5% off life-stage Royal Canin and Virbac HPM Diets.

(including Dental check-ups, Juvenile Clubs,Weight Clinics, Mobility Clinics)

How Do I Register

The answer is “It’s easy”

Call in at any Tamar Vets branch and complete a simple registration form.This will require details of your bank account to set up the direct debit. So, please do not forget to bring these details with you. Practice staff will be happy to deal with any queries you may have.



Individual PlansMonthly PaymentsAnnual Saving
Rabbit£5.50* £25.20
Cat £9.50 £47.49
Small dog£10.00£44.53
Medium dog £10.50£72.51
Large dog £12.50£88.29
Very large dog£16.50£176.27


Based on adult weight and upper weight bracket for individual plan
All prices include VAT at 20% – prices may change due to variation of the standard rate of VAT.
*Including annual myxomatosis, and RVHD1 vaccination and six monthly RVHD2 vaccination.