New Kitten?

At Tamar vets we are always delighted to meet new additions to the family.

We understand that bringing home a kitten is an exciting and often new experience, so we try to make your visits to the vets as helpful as possible.

Our kitten vaccination course starts with a first vaccination from 9 weeks of age, with the second vaccination 3 weeks later. Kittens are ready to explore the great outdoors 7 days after their second vaccination.

What to expect on your first visit
You will have a consultation with one of our Vets.
They will weigh your kitten, discuss fleas, worms, insurance, microchipping, diet, behaviour, neutering…. Anything you like really! The vet will give your kitten a full top to tail health check up, once the vet is pleased that your kitten is in good health they will receive their first vaccination.

You will receive a Kitten Pack.
This is a really useful pack for any new kitten owner. We have spent time keeping it up to date with the most useful product information leaflets for you. We have also included fact sheets about neutering plus a complimentary voucher for your kitten to try Virbac HPM Baby diet

What to expect on your second visit
You will need to book a second vaccination for your kitten 3 weeks after the first. Your kitten will be re-weighed and checked before the Vet administers their second vaccination. Our Vets will also be available to answer any new questions that you may have for them.

Free Puppy and Kitten Heath Checks

We offer a free Pet Heath check for new puppies and new kittens to ensure they are in the best of health. These consultations can include advice on:
• Vaccinations
• Microchipping
• Pet Passports
• Nutrition
• Neutering- Dog / Bitch
• Worms Dogs / Cats
 Flea Treatments