Sadly thousands of pets are lost or even stolen every year with many never being returned to their owners. Name tags and collars can fall or be taken off and without any permanent identification there may be no way for your pet to find its way home. A microchip is the most effective way of identifying your pet if it becomes lost or stolen.

Implantation of the microchip is quick, simple and painless. Dogs, Cats and Rabbits have the microchip implanted in the scruff of the neck , and should feel no more discomfort than a general injection. The microchip is a tiny, glass capsule ( the size of a grain of rice ), this contains a unique identification number for your pet. Your pet’s chip number is registered with Petlog, the national central database run by the Kennel Club. A pet that is found can be scanned easily by Vets, rescue centres, dog wardens etc and then the owner is contacted via the Petlog database allowing you to be re-united with your pet. The Petlog database registers you for life.

Make sure your pet can find its way home..