Your Pet will get the very highest expertise in assessing and treating its needs

  • Our Vets are continually trained to provide your pet with the very latest and most effective treatments
  • Our in-house team has particular interests in areas such as cardiology, medicine, scanning, eye surgery and orthopaedics, meaning that your pets’ issues will usually be dealt with in our practice, avoiding the need for costly and stressful onward referrals
  • Our practices are fully equipped with relevant diagnostic equipment and facilities, allowing us to identify and treat your pets’ problems quicker and more effectively, giving them the very best chance of recovery
  • We have a great track record in sorting out complex cases and complex needs – giving a much better-than-average chance of a successful outcome for our patients
  • You can be sure that we are committed to obtain and maintain the very highest standards of animal healthcare

 You will have the confidence that we are near to hand and available to help, whatever the case

  • Our vets are always on hand, in surgery or on the phone, to give you the easiest access to expert advice
  • We’re located across 4 convenient locations, ensuring that you can get to us, and we can help you as quickly and conveniently as possible
  • We are set up to respond to urgent need – so your animal will be examined when you need them to be, not when it suits us
  • We have a higher level of expertise and facilities than you would normally find in a convenient rural practice… which means that it is likely that we can treat your pet in-house, and avoid time-consuming referrals
  • You can rely on us to respond to your query, however simple or complex it might be – giving you open, straight, appropriate advice in the right timescale for you

You will know that both you and your pet are in safe and caring hands

  • You will always receive a friendly and approachable welcome whenever you visit the practice
  • We know how anxious you and your pet might be, and we will always take the time to put you both at your ease, and let you know what is going on
  • We always endeavour to follow up on any treatment, to make sure that we are increasing the chance of that treatment or therapy proving  to be a success
  • We specialise in supplying great advice on how to prevent health problems with your pet. You get to save money and your pet gets to remain healthy because that is in both your interests
  • We guarantee that all our advice and any decision we make is made with the welfare of you and your pet at its heart

You will know that our team will always give you the highest level of professionalism combined with great value for money

  • Our whole team of vets is trained to the same exacting standards, ensuring that treatment you get from any of our vets will meet and exceed your expectations
  • Our nursing staffs are either fully qualified or are student nurses, who are continually supervised by a fully qualified nurse. So you can be reassured that the care your pet is getting is at the same high level whoever is involved
  • Our reception staff are also fully trained to make sure that you are put at ease and that your pets’ needs are met swiftly and appropriately
  • Because we can handle so much more in house than many other practices, even in unusual cases we can almost always offer a local, more affordable solution for your pet
  • Prevention is better than cure…. particularly in your pocket. We offer programmes and advice that can save you both money and stress


Here are just a few of the many kind words we have received recently

A very big thank you to everyone at Locke and Preston who looked after Heidi. The love and kindness showed to her and to us has been exceptional to say the very least. We will always remember this, thank you all so much.

Kind regards

Kathy Cann


I just wanted to say a huge thanks to the lovely receptionist and vet who were so kind and helpful when our dog was stung by a weaver fish last week. It was very worrying but having such a lovely, professional practice so nearby was much appreciated. Thanks so much.

Sandi and Betty the border terrier

To Howard

and all who saved my life and looked after me when i was so poorly. Thanks to you I am now enjoying my smaller, frequent meals. Thank you again Love and Wags


Dear Sue, Howard and all the Staff

This card is sent with our thanks for your support over the years!

Dorothy and Steve

To Julie and Staff

Thank you for looking after Pandora when she had her op. Just a few biscuits to have with your coffee or tea breaks!!

Molly Price-Thomas

Thank You

With grateful thanks from the Ward family for your unfailing kindness and professionalism over the years.

The Ward family

Thank you all

for your care to Ben, who is now fit and well. Thank you.

Roz and Fred Blackmore

Dear Richard

Thank you for looking after Lucy it was much appreciated. Her teeth look very nice indeed.


To Everyone at Locke and Preston

Thanks ever so much, Jen has 5 wonderful pups ( 4 Girls and 1 Boy). Thanks for all your support and advice.

Ray and Maxine

To Everyone

Thank you for all your help and kindness to me and Mac. It was much appreciated.

Ann Vanstone